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A Few Words About Us

Hollywood Burlesque Show was created in 2016 when the Founder of the Company Brian Cohen simultaneously formed his other Los Angeles brand Beverly Hills Hospitality. Cohen was one of the rare Entrepreneurs who owned a Burlesque Entertainment Company and owned the Hospitality venues. Putting high end Burlesque Shows on at the venues he owned as well as partnering with venues he did not own for weekly or one-off parties, Cohen became a key figure for Burlesque Troupes doing shows at his venues, partnering with troupes at his venues and putting on shows at venues he did not own.

Then the light bulb went off as someone randomly called for a Private Birthday party at their home. With access to hundreds of Burlesque girls across America, and a massive A List database & contacts, this needed to be done nationwide. Spreading Entertainment not just to the Big Cities but to every town in America is his passion. Creating additional income for the Burlesque Entertainers who work so hard to perfect their craft is a great feeling. As of January 2024, Hollywood Burlesque Show has gone National!

Austin Showgirls is owned by the National Brand Hollywood Burlesque Show, however specifically Austin based.

Based in Hollywood we get the best of the best in entertainment and trends. From burlesque shows to fire performances, belly dancers, or atmosphere models, Hollywood Burlesque Show can provide you quality entertainment ANYWHERE…. ANYTIME….

Here are a few Venues we Owned or Put Burlesque Shows on
  • 1923 Bourbon & Burlesque - Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Vampire Wine & Tasting Room- Beverly Hills, California
  • The District - Beverly Hills, California
  • Attitude Lounge - Beverly Hills, California
  • Sunset Rooftop - Hollywood, California
  • Mob Bar - Downtown Los Angeles, California
  • Mob Bar- Pomona, California
  • Mob Bar- Galveston, Texas
  • Spearmint Rhino - Dallas, Texas
  • 7 Kingdoms - Los Angeles, California
  • Byblos Ultra Lounge - Westwood, California
  • Courthouse Tavern - Santa Barbara, California
  • Universal Bar - North Hollywood, California